On Monday evening , November 7th, approximately 20 Midland Rotarians, some spouses and about 40 members of the Greenwood Interact Club assembled at Hogan Park for a demonstration and participation in putting up and taking down a ShelterBox. It was chaos at first, but soon organization was obvious! The students did all the work with some assistance from Rotarians in Midland’s four Rotary Clubs. ShelterBox Ambassador and a Midland North Rotarian, Marla Barbee, talked about the international survival organization and how it helps people worldwide who survive natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Following the disassembling process and getting everything back into the box from which it came, everyone was treated to pizza and soft drinks.
As an amazing aside, Greenwood Interact was 90 members strong last school year. Already this year, they have 130, yes, 130 members—and that doesn’t include the young men playing football. When football season is over, they will add another 30-35 young adults to their clubs! What an inspiration these students, and sponsors, are to those of us who have long forgotten we used to have the same energy as they do!!!