DG October Message

Posted on Oct 03, 2018



A few words from Kim:

We are over half-way through our club visits. I am overwhelmed with the response to the message of raising awareness on the subject of human trafficking in our district. Through this effort, clubs are realizing that this human travesty is in our own back yard and they are concerned and engaged. Numerous clubs have made sure that a member of law enforcement is in attendance to hear the message. Through this awareness effort, we have learned of various church groups, hospital officials, law enforcement groups, and non-profit organizations that are taking this problem seriously and acting to reach out and rescue victims of human trafficking. Contacts have been made between individuals, communities and cities across the district to collaborate and offer support and services to one another in this fight to end human trafficking in our communities. Human beings are not commodities to be bought and sold and yet…that is exactly what is happening right here in our district. In one small town we visited, I was told by a Rotarian who works with victims….”we have actually had cases in this town where parents have pimped out their own children.” I end each presentation with this quote….”All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” We as Rotarians are not “do nothing” people….what will you do?

A few words from Dan:

We are amazed at the local service projects that clubs are doing in their respective communities. Clubs large and small are making a difference in their towns. From giving dictionaries to 3rd graders, to bicycles for perfect attendance to 4 years of scholarship support for college students as Lamesa is doing. Truly amazing!

As I have mentioned from the beginning, increasing our public image is a goal I have for our District. It is working! So far we have met 2 new Rotarians that have told us that they visited and joined their respective clubs simply by seeing that club's Facebook page and becoming interested in knowing more about what Rotary was doing in their community.

A couple of experiences recently that stand out is inducting 7 new members into the Big Spring Club. Now the Wilkerson family has 3 generations of family in this club. In the same week, we inducted 3 new Rotarians into the Greater Big Spring Club. When Kim and I started our club visits, we asked that if a club wanted to present us with any kind of a gift as a token of thanks for us visiting their club, that a donation be made to either

Polio Plus and/or the Wheelchair Foundation. We were blown away when one club we recently visited made a $1,000 donation to Polio Plus in our honor and another club gave $2,500 in our honor to the Wheelchair Foundation! Of course with the Bill Gates 2 for 1 match, the $1,000 donation to Polio Plus became $3,000.

Please sign up to attend the Foundation and Membership training being held in Lubbock October 27th, followed by an evening of fellowship and dinner. We look forward to seeing you there!!!!

Be the Inspiration!!
Dan and Kim