Bequest Society (Active)

Couples or individuals who have made commitments of $10,000 or more in their estate plans, such as in a will, living trust, or through whole or universal life insurance, can become Bequest Society members. All Bequest Society members receive recognition from the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation. Donors may elect to receive an engraved crystal recognition piece and a Bequest Society pin. Unless you request to not receive recognition you will be recognized automatically upon notification of your bequest commitment. 

The Rotary Foundation Bequest Society Active Members
  Donor Level Rotary Club   Donor Level Rotary Club
* David Norris 2 Amarillo   Alice Freidine 2 Midland
* Doyle Moore 1 Amarillo   Charles Wallace 1 Midland
  John Early 1 Amarillo   Dan Linebarger 4 Midland
  Beth Duke 1 Amarillo West   Donald Ewan 1 Midland
  David Walinder 1 Andrews   Ralph Bowen 3 Midland
* Jerry Worthy 1 Big Spring   Roger Freidine 2 Midland
  Harvey Hilbert 1 Borger   Jalain Bagley 1 Midland
* Roger Sepulveda 1 Borger   Marla Barbee 1 Midland North
  Kin Taylor 1 Canyon   Macon McDonald 1 Midland North
  Steven Walthour 4 Dumas   Darpan Bhakta 1 Midland West
  Barbara Shinn 1 Greater Odessa * Dianne Anderson 1 Midland West
* Charles Cotton 1 Greater Odessa   Ed Anderson 1 Midland West
* Don Shinn 1 Greater Odessa   Joe Campbell 1 Midland West
  Lon Miller 1 Greater SouthWest Lubbock   Andrew Mellen 1 Midland West
  Paul Schwarzentraub 1 Greater SouthWest Lubbock   Jacqueline Mellen 1 Midland West
* Jim Cole 1 Levelland   Linda Guerrero 1 Midland West
  Bill Powell 1 Levelland Breakfast   Mark Kimball 2 Midland West
* Paul Anderson 1 Lubbock * R.C. Paulette 1 Odessa
  Bill Morris 3 Metropolitan Lubbock   Kenneth Winkles 1 Pecos
  Bonnie Schwarzentraub 1 Metropolitan Lubbock   Teresa Winkles 1 Pecos
  Cal Brints 1 Metropolitan Lubbock   Charles Starnes 2 Plainview
  Caryl Smith 1 Metropolitan Lubbock * J.B. Roberts 1 Plainview
  Elyn Patterson 1 Metropolitan Lubbock   Janice Payne 1 Plainview
* Ken Patterson 1 Metropolitan Lubbock * Michael Graves 1 Plainview
  SarahLee Morris 3 Metropolitan Lubbock   Robert Lindsey 1 Plainview
  Susan Brints 1 Metropolitan Lubbock   Dan Calfee 1 Seagraves
  Walter Smith 1 Metropolitan Lubbock * César M. Caro 2 Sweetwater
 ** District Governor        
 *   Past District Governor