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The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

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  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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District 5730 Welcome
Welcome to Rotary District 5730 and our Website. District 5730 is composed of 51 energetic and vibrant clubs across the Giant Size of Texas from Dalhart and Perryton on the north to Sweetwater and Pecos on the south.  We are 1800 Rotarians and 51 Rotary Clubs strong and are proud to be part of Rotary International, which is the world's first service club organization with a worldwide membership of over 1.2 million Rotarians.  Our motto is Service Above Self and we volunteer both here in West Texas and the world to make a difference in the lives of people by working in the following areas of focus:

·         Disease prevention and treatment

·         Water and sanitation

·         Maternal and child health

·         Basic education and literacy

·         Economic and community development

·         Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

If you have a Heart of Service, then come join us. We all have a new chance to change the world for the better, through Rotary: Making A Difference.

Home Page Stories
District 5730 has established partnerships with four organizations to coordinate Hurricane Harvey Relief. The first three are High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo, South Plains Food Bank in Lubbock, and the West Texas Food Bank in Odessa and Midland. These organizations have the facilities to accept, sort, package and ship relief supplies to capable receiving and distribution centers. They are a part of Feeding Texas, a network of food banks covering all counties in Texas.  The fourth partner is HungerPlus that has the logistics skills through its network to support the additional long-range transportation needs brought about by this state-wide response.
What you and your clubs can do:
  1. Collect relief supplies as identified on the attached list. They consist of non-perishable food items, many of which do not require cooking, cleaning supplies, and personal supplies. Deliver them to the Food Bank nearest your local collection points. The Food Banks request that you do not deliver clothing. Those items should be given to other collection agencies such as the Salvation Army.
  2. Encourage other organizations in your club’s area to collect items and deliver them to the Food Banks.
  3. Deliver the items to the Food Bank nearest you. You are discouraged from taking your own trailer load to the Gulf Coast.
  4. Contribute to the Harvey Relief Funds of the three Food Banks and HungerPlus. This will support the additional costs of handling, packaging, and shipping. All organizations are 501(c)3.
  5. Volunteer your time and encourage other groups to volunteer at one of the collection sites. These volunteer efforts including the donation of cash and in-kind items count toward your Presidential Citation when you log them into Rotary Club Central.
We anticipate that this effort will be ongoing for several weeks. Rotarians are “People of Action” and know how to muster the diverse resources to tackle this humanitarian service need. Thank you for your support. The people in each of the Rotary Districts directly impacted by Harvey (5890, 5910, and 5930) will benefit from your contributions.

Newly Updated Rotary Club Central Now Available

The new and improved Rotary Club Central is here. It's now faster, easier to navigate, and presents past and current club data in a more accessible way. Additional features include:

  • Inputting Rotary Foundation goals in local currency
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs make it easy to set goals and plan for the future
  • A simpler way to track service activities and volunteer hours

Plus, you can plan and track membership initiatives, service activities, and Foundation giving, as well as complete Rotary Citation goals.

Rotary Club Central is also a great tool for succession planning. As club leadership changes, having a historical record of goals and achievements can make the transition between leaders seamless.

To learn more, watch video. If you need assistance navigating the new platform, go to the and search for Rotary Club Central to access any of the several guides.

Check out the new today.

Barry Rassin, of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2018-19. He will be declared the president-elect on 1 September if no challenging candidates have been suggested.
Mark Daniel Maloney, of the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, USA, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2019-20. He will be declared the president-nominee on 1 October if no challenging candidates have been suggested.
District Leadership Committed to Continuity
The “Governor Line” has been working together for several years to ensure that District practices consistently support   the “Ideals of Rotary.” District Governor Elect Dan Linebarger (2018-2019), newly installed District Governor Charles Starnes (2017-2018), immediate Past District Governor Susan Brints (2016-2017), and District Governor Nominee Steve Long (2019-2020), joined together at the Plainview Civic Center on June 30 for the “Change of Command.” As part of the Governor installation ceremony, capably led by PDG J B Roberts, the four signed a “District Governor Credo” pledging to “work together . . . in the interest of encouraging goodwill and better friendships.” Read the full Credo at http://rotary5730.org/.
Plan Ahead: District Conference in Amarillo, June 8-10, 2018. Enjoy the new Embassy Suites and take an excursion to Palo Duro Canyon for “Texas”!
  1. Meeting Presidential Citation Criteria - 25 Clubs.
  2. Pay July & January Dues On Time - All Clubs.
  3. Record Volunteer Hours & Service Project Contributions In Rotary Club Central - All Clubs.
  1. Net Gain Of 1 Member, 2 If Club Is Greater Then 50.
  2. Club Presidential Citation Membership Goal- 50%.
  3. Net Gain of 1 Female Member, 2 If Club Is Greater Than 50.
  4. Net Gain of 1 Member Under 40, 2 If Club Is Greater Than 50.
  1. Annual/Share Fund - $291,000.00.
  2. Polio Plus Fund - $51,000.00.
  3. New Major Donors - 10.
  4. New & Current Paul Harris Society Members - 100.
  5. Every Rotarian Every Year Club - 25.
  6. Sustaining Members Club - 30.
  7. New 100% Paul Harris Club - 2.
  1. Increase District Facebook Page Activities - 100%.
  2. Get Coverage Of Local Projects/Events In Local Media & Report in Rotary Club Central - Each Club.
  3. Hold A World Polio Day Event & Publicize In Local Media - 40 Clubs.
  4. Send At Least 1 Student to RYLA - Each Club.
  5. Publish Effective District Newsletter Monthly.
  1. Plant 1 Tree For Every Member By Earth Day 2018 (4/22/18) & Report On Rotary Club Central.
  2. Each Club Have Some Members Who Plat At Least 1 Tree - Can Be Done By Any Member In Any Location.
  3. Have A Club Project For A Local Planting.
  4. Use District Matching Funds To Partner With Another District To Engage Efforts Of An Organization That Has Capability To Plant 1,700+ Trees In A Viable Ecosystem.

One of the best parts of any Rotary convention is the sheer diversity of the people you see there. Whether you're heading into a breakout session, exploring the House of Friendship, or sitting down for a bite to eat, you'll meet people from every corner of the world, in all kinds of national attire, speaking just about every language. It's a lot of fun, and it's a big part of what makes Rotary great: that we can be so different and still find ourselves so at home together.



The Gates Foundation is currently matching all Rotarian Raised Polio Donations $2 for each $1 Contributed
(Up to $50Mil/Yr.)
Our Rotary wide 2017-2018 Rotary Year Polio Fundraising Goal is $50 Million + the $2 for 1$ Gates Foundation Match
Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!

Polio Plus: Zero Is The Magic Number
Advocate-Donate-Educate to End Polio Now & Forever!
16,000,000 Children Saved from the Paralysis of Polio Since 1988

Polio Eradication Update
For The Week Ending 8/5/17

Total Paralysis Cases  YTD 2017   LYTD 2016   Total 2016   Total 2015  Total 2014 
Globally 8193774 359
 Endemic Countries8193774  340
 Non-Endemic Countries  000019

 New Polio cases reported this week:

Pakistan 0, Afghanistan 0, Nigeria 0

2017 Polio Case Breakdown by Country (Green Numbers are 2016 Totals)
Endemic Countries
3 Pakistan (20), 5 Afghanistan (13), 0 Nigeria (4)
No new Wild Polio cases reported this week.
Do you need Rotary related Clipart for your Club Newsletter or Club Website? Select and click one of options below to browse what is available to download. Once you have identified the image you would like to use, Right Click for a Larger View and/or Left Click to Save Image As. Following the Rotary Brand Guidelines, your Rotary Club name may be inserted to some of the clipart. Contact the Web Administrator via email for more information.
ImageAugust Attendance Report Due


Your club is required to report monthly attendance numbers and membership numbers in accordance to Rotary International’s by-laws:


Article 4 Membership in Clubs


4.090. Attendance Reports.

Each club shall forward monthly attendance reports of its meetings to the governor within 15 days of the last meeting of each month.


Club Secretaries, through the District web site, can use the on-line database functions to report their club's attendance for the month by login in and selecting the Attendance option in the Launch Pad or from the Attendance Tab.

2017-2018 Theme
Rotary Showcase Impact Tracker

Rotary Showcase is an online application that allows Rotarians and Rotaractors to share stories of their clubs’ successful projects with people around the world. In addition, project stories are a source for features in Rotary International blogs and newsletters.

The Showcase’s Impact Tracker shows the impact of each Rotary project in terms of volunteers and volunteer hours, cash contributions, and in-kind donations. It also shows the collective impact of all reported projects.

Success stories posted on Showcase can serve as an inspiration and a model for other Rotary and Rotaractor clubs. Check out this "Impact Tracker" by clicking here.
Home Page News
The 2017-18 Memorandum of Understanding, the 2017-2018 District Grant Guidelines, and the 2017-2018 Global Grant Guidelines are available to view or download under the District & Global Grant Information section of the Foundation pull down menu located on top of the Main Page. Instructions on how to Submit and Close a District Grant are also located there.

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June 30, 2017



Club Secretaries and folks who enter information

Please enter all information concerning your members though your club website (if you have ClubRunner) or through the District Website. Information flows up - Club > District > RI, but not down.

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"Rotary has a long way to go. One who thinks of the movement as a finished product is indeed short sighted; there is nothing in the past to justify such a view; those who have been long identified with it think of it as having made a beginning only; the grandeur of Rotary must be in the days to come".


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